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Medical marvels are progressively becoming more apparent in our society, even if we do not notice them as such.


Dr. Kam Habibi knows everyone wants medical advancements to end suffering. That is a natural, humanistic need that is present in all of us. After all, medical marvels usually lead to a spiraling effect. One breakthrough can lead to several other advancements in the medical field.


However, Dr. Kam Habibi has become aware of recent medical marvels that might have gone unnoticed. These breakthroughs are extraordinary but for one reason or another, were not outwardly celebrated. Nevertheless, these miracle advancements in the medical field have changed the lives of many patents throughout the world.

3D Printing Can Print New Body Parts

Since the start of 3D printing, people have wondered where the possibilities of this technology will lead. Presently, the medical field is on the brink of printing body parts. Using cells as ‘ink’ these special printers have created a nose and an ear.


Prosthetic limbs have gone through major changes throughout the past decade. Yet, this finding, known as bioprinting, is paving the way to physically recreating live body parts. Currently, smaller body parts have proven successful. Although, scientists are working toward creating more complex limbs and even organs. Imagine having a brand-new leg, kidney, or hip, printed from the patient’s DNA. The success of this medical marvel’s goal is infinite.

Twitter is Gathering Health Data

Twitter has always been a unique social network. This is because the 280-character limit is meant to be used

at the moment. While other social networks are more for sharing after the experience. When people use it for this purpose, it makes sense that information is exchanged quickly.


However, a medical marvel that no one saw coming has erupted from Twitter, Habibi admits. In 2014, more than 600,000 people in New York Tweeted data about the flu epidemic in the city. This helped researchers contain the virus and use the data to protect the city the following season.

Super Vaccine

Researchers have had a possible breakthrough in cancer prevention. Using a protein called MUC1, this “Super Vaccine” can train the immune system to recognize cancerous cells. This works in the form of sugar patterns, which are recognizable on malignant cells.


Researchers found that around seventy-percent of all known cancer cells have this sugar insignia, from the MUC1 protein. The vaccine teaches the immune system what to look for an attack. They will never have a chance to reproduce.


According to Habibi, this medical marvel is still being perfected. Yet, it is an encouraging step toward cancer prevention. The vaccine can theoretically eradicate cancer in the body before it even starts.


In Summation, there are many amazing advancements being achieved throughout the world all the time. Yet, unfortunately, it is a rare occurrence for most people to hear about these medical marvels. Braham Habibi divulged this information so that people would understand that there are miracles taking place every day. The world is a wonderful place, where nothing is truly impossible.  

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